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Mipa WPU 2500-50 2K WBS top coat 5 kg

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141.70 / can(s)
Delivery weight: 5.36 kg
1 kg = 28.34 €

Available delivery methods: Customer Pickup, Pakete innerhalb Deutschlands, Anlieferung, Paket nach Belgien/Niederlande/Luxenburg, Paket nach Frankreich (Festland), Paket nach Italien, Pakete nach Österreich
1 kg = 28.34 €

Mipa WPU 2500-50 2K WBS PU top coat semi-gloss

is a water-thinnable 2K polyurethane acrylic paint with active corrosion protection for high-quality coating of commercial vehicles, machines and structures. Also excellent for use by brushing or rolling. Adhesion to steel, galvanized surfaces and aluminum. High UV and weather resistance, as well as very good water resistance.

Mixing ratio: 5:1 by weight / 5:1 by volume with hardener: Mipa WPU 9430-25

Dilution: approx. 0 - 20% (depending on the application method)

The color is made especially for you. Exchange or return not possible.

Industrial painters, vehicle painters, mechanical engineers, painters, carpenters, do-it-yourselfers


Product Note Status Price
Mipa 2K Hardener WPU 9430-25 Mipa 2K Hardener WPU 9430-25
43.20 € / can(s)
Delivery weight: 1.275 kg
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