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Mipa 4+1 Filler light grey 1 l

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31.50 / can(s)
Delivery weight: 1.6 kg

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Mipa 4+1 acrylic filler light gray

is a high-filling and very easy-to-sand filler that can be used as a compact or thick-film filler. In combination with Mipa 2K reactive additive VR, very fast “express processing” with heat and room temperature drying is also possible. There is therefore very high potential for savings in terms of cabin occupancy, oven drying times and working hours. Filling of partial areas (SpotRepair) is also possible without sagging and the formation of edges. Another possible application when using Mipa 2K-Reaktivzusatz VR is wet-on-wet processing, in which overpainting can be carried out after a very short intermediate drying period of just 10 minutes at room temperature.

MV.: 4:1 according to Vol. with hardener H5 / H10

Vehicle painters, sports repairers, industrial painters, painters, carpenters, do-it-yourselfers


Product Note Status Price
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