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Mipa 2K Clear Coat C75 500 ml

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18.20 / can(s)
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100 ml = 3.64 €

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100 ml = 3.64 €

Mipa 2K clear varnish C 75

is a high-solids clear varnish with high UV protection based on high-quality acrylic resins. Universally applicable for two-coat paintwork. Excellent weather resistance and resistance to yellowing, very high gloss and good body. Very high chemical and mechanical resistance. Mipa 2K-MS-Klarlack C 75 is suitable for high-quality full and partial painting of cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

May only be used within the legal exceptions to VOC legislation, e.g. B. vintage car paint etc. can be used.

Vehicle painters, industrial painters, painters, carpenters, DIY enthusiasts, model makers


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