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Mipa PU 240 2K PU acrylic lacquer NEON 1 kg

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Mipa PU 240- 2K PU acrylic varnish NEON

is a high-quality 2K polyurethane acrylic paint for coating commercial vehicles, facade components and heavily used machines and structures.

PU 240 as daylight colors in a single coat process without clear coat.

Due to the system-related UV resistance of Pro Mix® Industry color concentrates NEON, it is only recommended for use indoors - for example for decorative and identifying coatings. For outdoor use - small areas up to approx. 2 square meters - we recommend painting over with Mipa 2K Clear Varnish CC 9.

When constructed with Mipa EP 100-20, it can be used safely for coating surfaces that come into direct contact with dry and abrasive foods (e.g. grain) (ISEGA certificate 43517 U 16).

Mipa PU 240 - painted on chipboard, has approval according to fire behavior testing according to DIN 4102-1 to prove building material class B1.


A notice:
A uniform, white substrate (e.g. Mipa EP 100-20 RAL 9010, Mipa 4+1 Füller white, etc.) is recommended.
To achieve an even finish, 3 - 4 spray coats are recommended. Pay attention to flash-off times.

Mixing ratio: 3:1 wt. / 2:1 vol with Mipa hardener MS 25

Dilution: approx. 10 -15% with Mipa 2K thinner (for spraying)

The color is made especially for you. Exchange or return is possible.

Industrial painters, vehicle painters, mechanical engineers, painters, carpenters, do-it-yourselfers


Product Note Status Price
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21.10 € / can(s)
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Mipa Thinner V 25 250 ml Mipa Thinner V 25 250 ml
5.90 € / can(s)
100 ml = 2.36 €
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