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Mipa 2K-solver 1 lt

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Mipa 2K HS solver

is a special solvent mixture (mix-in thinner) for dissolving spray mist edges during spot repair work and blending when processing Mipa 2K-HS top coat systems. Mipa 2K-HSLöser can be used as a blend-in thinner for the following products: Mipa PUR HS, Mipa OC, Mipa 2K-MS-Klarlacke, Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlacke After the painting process, the run-off zones (spray mist areas) must immediately be coated with Mipa 2K-HS- be painted over with solvent. Mipa 2K-HS-Löser should only be applied in thin, even layers until the rough spray mist areas are visibly smoothed. Do not apply too thickly, otherwise sagging or uneven dissolving will occur.

Vehicle painters, sports repairers, industrial painters, painters, carpenters

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