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1K Epoxy Primer Spray

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13.00 / can(s)
Delivery weight: 0.5 kg
100 mg = 3.25 €
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100 mg = 3.25 €

Mipa 1K Epoxy Primer Spray

is a high-filling, chromate-free 1K repair filler based on epoxy resin. It is therefore ideal as a corrosion protection primer. In addition, there is a very high insulating effect against the effects of moisture. Can be used on stable, sanded old paintwork and factory primers or directly on steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces. Mipa 1K Epoxy Primer Spray dries quickly and is very easy to sand. Due to the very fine atomization, leakage zones without coarse spray mist are possible in the spot repair area. This significantly reduces the effort involved in intermediate sanding.

Vehicle painters, sports repairers, industrial painters, painters, carpenters, do-it-yourselfers

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